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      Discover how we are innovating for the future

      Explore Smart Cities

      • Carson City, Nevada USA

        In order to achieve its goals, the people of the Carson City Public Works Department created an infrastructure revolving around the capabilities of its people and the best available smart city technology from Schneider Electric.

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      • Boston, Massachusetts USA

        In support of the Greenovate Boston initiative, the city plans to reduce energy consumption 80 percent by 2050 through efficiencies and behavioral change as well as provide visibility to city-wide energy consumption.

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      • Bremen, Germany

        The City of Bremen standardizes on Wonderware software for centralized control of its many municipal properties. Benefits include decreased energy consumption and improved communications and reporting.

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      • GreenLys, France

        The GreenLys smart-grid development project, comprising Lyon and Grenoble, serves as the experimental platform for innovative solutions, from energy generation to consumption.

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        Every city is unique.

        There is no single path toward becoming a “smart” city. Planners need solutions that address their cities’ specific goals. Dynamically improving infrastructure allows cities to drive their unique agendas, while focusing on economic growth.
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